S. Kuttappan Chettiar
(Kerala Vanika Vaisya Sanghom)
General Secretary
VV Educational & Employment Trust
KVVS Colleges..

VVE&E Trust, the important body of KVVS, is vested with the initiatives, implementation and management of educational institutions and related projects & schemes. The Trust now has three Colleges - KVVS College of Science and Technology, Adoor...
Sneha Samaj Matrimony
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Mahila Federation

The subsidiary organization of the Sangham for the upliftment of women population of Vanika Vaisya Community, launched...

Youth Federation

The Vanika Vaisya Youth Federation is one of the strong subsidiary organization of the Sangham. The federation organise youth...

Sneha Samaj

Sneha Samaj, Kerala is the co-ordinate group of Employees at various levels, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Industrialists and Commercialists...

OEC Govt. Order
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Sarada Saraswathi MBCF Award