All India Tailik Sahu Mahasabha (AITSM)

Flat No. A.29, Dayananda Colony, Lajpath Nagar-4, New Delhi-110024

All India Tailik Sahu Mahasabha is the national level organisation of Vanika Vaisya/Tely/Sahu/Vaniya and similar other allied communities in India having oil crushing is the traditional occupation. The name of the community is different in different States. Kerala Vanika Vaisya Sangham is affili¬ated to All India Tailik Sahu Mahasabha. The Head Quarters of the Sabha is situated at Flat No. A.29, Dayananda Colony, Lajpath Nagar-4, New Delhi-110024. Sri. Jayadeth Ksheera Sagar, foer Industries Minister, Maharashtra is the President of the Maha Sabha and Sri. Heeralal Sahu is the General Secretary. Sri. A.C.Thanu, President of KVVS officiates now as its Working President.

Though Kerala is the southern most State in India, it wants to take an active interest in the activities of All India Talik Sahu Mahasabha. It is strongly felt that if the members of our com¬munity living scattered all over India can unite their efforts and put forward a common agenda we shall be able to bargain for a larger share of the social security measures provided both by the Central and State Governments for which very huge sums of money are being provided in the State and Central Govt, Budgets annually. It is time for us to realise how unorganised we are, how poor we are socially and educationally and also that we have been living all these years without making any political bargains, though we are a strong ten out of every hundred per¬sons in India. It is a right thing that we have decided to make our presence strongly felt at New Delhi, the organization already presented the charter of our Demands to the Central Government.

Well known distinguished and honourable National Leaders who belongs to Tely community

Mahatma Gandhi Father of our Nation
Balagangadhara Tilak The Great Indian Leader
Thunchath Ramanujan Ezhuthachan Father of Malayalam Language
Dr. R.K Shanmugham Chettiar Kochi Diwan and first Finance Minister of India
Deena Bandhu Sahu Advocate General & Minister of Orissa and Member, Mandal Commission
Narendra Modi Chief Minister, Gujarath
Shanta Ram Potdukke Ex. MP, Chandrapur, Maharashtra
Ex.Presedent,All India Tailik Sahu Mahasabha
Foer State Minister of Finance, Govt. of India
Kesari Bai Ksheer Sagar Ex. MP, Beed, Maharashtra
Ex. Presedent, All India Tailik Sahu Mahasabha
Akshay Kumar Sahu Lucknow – Ex. General Secretary,
All India Tailik Sahu Mahasabha
Ex. Member,National Commission of Backward Classes,
New Delhi
Jayaduth Ksheer Saga Presedent, All India Tailik Sahu Mahasabha
Minister – Industries, Govt. of Maharashtra
A.C Thanu President, Kerala Vanika Vaisya Sangham
Chaian- Samvarana Samudaya Munnani
Treasurer – Samvarana Samudaya Action Council Kerala Founder President & front Leader of Most Backward - Communities Federation Kerala
Front Leader of All Kerala Chemists & Druggists Association and All India Org. of Chemists & Druggists
S. Kuttappan Chettiar General Secretary-Kerala Vanika Vaisya Sangham Secretary-Vanika Vaisya Educational & Employment Trust General Secretary-Most Backward Communities Federation Secretary- Samvarana Samudaya Munnani Kerala
Secretary – Samvarana Samudaya Action Council Kerala
G. Devarajan Secretary, All India Forward Block,New Delhi