This Endowment Instituted by Dr. Shanmugha K. Sundaram came into effect on 19th April 2000. The Endowment is in the name of his father late P.C. Kanniah Chettiar who retired as Dy. Collector of Thiruvananthapuram District.

Dr. Shanmugham and his brother Brigadier C.K.Namasivayam remember that his father hailed from an ordinary family of traders and he encounted many hardships financially to complete his graduation in those by gone days when higher education was reareity. Kanniah Chettiar, one of the earliest to graduate from our community entered service in the Revenue Dept. in the erst while Travancore State. He was very sincere mind and philanthropic in approach and the never hesitated to lend a helping hand either to the fellow members of his community or to derserving students to continue their education. In the very same way his sons and daughters wanted to continue the family tradition and wanted to help deserving students to continue their professional education.Hence the Kanniah Endowment Trust.

Annual financial assistance is available for MBBS, Engineering and MCA students for completion of the full course at the rate of Rs. 5000/- (five thousand) per student per year.

The selection of candiates and distribution of award is done by Kerala Vanika Vaisya Sangham.

At present the Endowment Fund is limite and so only one student for each stream is annually given the scholarship. As and when the Endowment Fund is increased the number of annnual scholarships will also be increased.

Dr. Shanmugha K Sundaram and his wife Dr. Padma Sundaram are now peanently settled in USA, but they have retained their family house in Thiruvananthapuram and they visit the state
every year and stays here for quite sometime. He takes meticulus care in monitoring the award of scholarship as laid down in the Kanniah Endowment Trust Rules and he has entrusted the
administration of the Endowment to a committee consisting of Shri. C. Ramaswamy Chettiar and Prof. S. Ponnayyan.