Other Welfare Programmes
Though Kerala is the southern most state in India, it wants to take an active interest in the activities of All India Thalik Sahu Mahasabha. It is strongly felt that if the members of our com-munity living scattered all over India can unite their efforts and put forward a common agenda we shall be able to bargain for a larger share of the social security measures provided both by the central and state governments for which very huge sums of money are being provided in the state and central govt, budgets annually. It is time for us to realise how unorganised we are, how poor we are socially and educationally and also that we have been living all these years without molding any political bargains, though we are a strong ten out of every hundred persons on India.

It is a right thing that we have decided to made our presence strongly felt at New Delhi in at an early date of this year when we will be presenting the charter of our Demands to the Central govt, and we will be holding a National Conference in which each state unit will be sending its representative delegates to make our all India meet a grand success.

In general, following are the welfare programmes currently undertaken by Kerala Vanika Vaisya Sangham:

  • Educational Scholarships/Cash Awards/Prizes being given annually to selected students who become top in SSLC, Plus2, University, Entrance Examinations and Arts & Sports events.

  • Periodical distribution of Sewing Machine etc. to most deserving poor members.

  • Cash donation and other help to candidates belongs to this community who contesting election to Local Bodies irrespective of the consideration of their party.

  • Relief assistance for treatment purpose for the really deserving sick people of the community to enable them to get their diseases treated.

  • Assistance to deserving widows of the community for marriage of their daughters.

  • Various Sponsorships arranging by the Sangham for giving assistance to members of the Sangham for specific purposes.

  • Fee concession to deserving candidates belongs to the community in the colleges under the Sangham.

  • KVVS had been arranging Group Marriage (Samooha Vivaham) for the brides/grooms who belong to economically backward families of Vanika Vaisya community. The essential items required for a marriage. ie, dress, thaali & chain (gold) are sponsored by the Sangham. The Group Marriage has been taking place on the eve of the State Meeting of the Sangham which is held every three years. This had been successfully conducted in 1984, 87, 90, 94, 97, 2000 and 2003 and will continue from 2010 onwards.

  • KVVS through the Officers (Sneha Samaj members) working in various Departments and fis provides help and assistance to the people of the community for settling their issues/grievances relating to various Govt. Departments/ Private Institutions.

  • Conducts Seminars, Study Classes, Carrier Guidance programmes for the youth of the community to build up their carrier and provides help for seeking of job.

  • Set up “Vanisree Micro Credit Scheme” through Mahila Federation with the help of State Bank of Travancore for the benefit of the poor women community of the Sangham in the State.